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Old Man of Storr


Artist: Amy Letts
Title: Old Man of Storr
Date: 2019
Medium: Oil Pastels
Size: 11.5 x 16.5 inch

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Old Man of Storr is an original Oil Pastel painting by artist Amy Letts. Featuring the distinctive rocky pinical of the hill for which the landmark is famous, this artwork feels vibrant and alive.

Part of the Trotternish ridge located in the Isle of Skye, Scotland, The Old Man of Storr is a spectacle to behold. Ancient and craggy, this natural megalith towers at a height of 535 metres. The rocky outcropping itself measures 55 metres tall! Created by volcanic activity around 2,800 million years ago, the rock column is actually a volcanic plug.

It is called the ‘Old Man’ because, seen from certain angles, it appears to have the face of an old man. This is an example of paradolia.

In Scottish Gaelic it is known as ‘Bodach an Stòrr’.


Legend has it that a giant chose that spot to die, and the rock column is one of his fingers. Well, polite versions of the story say that. Others say it is… a different body part.

Another story tell of two giants who were running from a demon, glanced back and were turned to stone. Yet another tale says that a man and his wife loved to climb the hill, but as they were becoming elderly, the mans wife found it difficult to make it all the way to the top. Scottish fairies offered to cast a spell so that the man and his wife would be together wherever they went. He agreed and consequently the tricksie fairies turned them both into stone.

A more tender-hearted tale tells of a Brownie who was helped by a man. He asked nothing in return, and this led to a lasting friendship, with the Brownie often visiting the man and his wife daily. One day the Brownie had to go away and during his absense the elderly couple passed away. So the Brownie built a statue to remember the best friend he had ever known.


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