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Starry Night Over Dreaming Spires (Version 2)


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Title: Starry Night Over Dreaming Spires (version 2)
Measurements: 14.75 x 10.5 inches.
Medium: Acrylic on Paper
Date: 2023
Artist: Amy Letts

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‘Starry Night over Dreaming Spires (Version 2)’ is a vibrant Acrylic Painting of the Oxford skyline in the style of Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’, by artist Amy Letts.

Featuring the Radcliffe Camera and St. Mary’s Church, you can also see part of the Claredon Building and Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre. The painting is very stylised and reflects the creative and curious nature of Oxford.

In this evocative masterpiece, Oxford, the city of learning and history, is transformed into a breathtaking Van Gogh-inspired tableau. Through this Van Gogh-inspired lens, Oxford transforms into a realm of artistic brilliance. The Radcliffe Camera and St. Mary’s Church become vivid embodiments of the city’s rich heritage and intellectual vitality.

The Radcliffe Camera, an architectural gem that houses knowledge within its circular walls, takes center stage. Its elegant presence is accentuated by swirling brushstrokes, bringing the structure to life with vibrant energy. The sky above Oxford swirls and dances with vibrant blues and radiant yellows, creating a celestial canopy.

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